Happy First Father’s Day

November 28th our little Peanut was born and you became a father.  With your help and support he came into this world with all the love anyone could ever hope for.  You supported me throughout my pregnancy and during my labor.  You took shifts when he was a newborn taking care of Peanut while I slept and sleeping while I nursed (for hours it seemed!)  I would have never been able to get through those weeks without you jumping in and taking care of everything.  Two days after he was born you quit your job and started on your journey to a full-time stay at home dad.  You never hesitated, worried you couldn’t do it or asked me to stay home longer.  After two months I went back to work part-time and you and Peanut learned to fill your days with naps and bottles instead of mama, walks with Toby and learning new things about each other.  When I went back to work full-time you started taking Peanut to story time, even when at times you were the only father there.  You were there when Peanut started babbling, you were the first to make him laugh, to put him to sleep.  You’ve been there encouraging him as he learned to reach for objects, turn over and crawl.  You read and sing to him and teach him right and wrong.  You are there to teach him what he can and can’t play with, put in his mouth and everything else to keep him safe.  I look forward to you teaching him your compassion and care for others  as well as your love of sports and earth science (and what ever other dorky thing you love at the time!)  Even as you take care of him, you clean up the house, wash dishes and cook dinner.  You are an amazing husband and father to our beautiful baby boy.  This is my thank you to you for everything you do.


Since you’ve been staying home you’ve talked about keeping  a journal to chronicle your experience as a stay at home dad.  A hope to make it public, to show others that there is nothing unusual or difficult for a dad to not only take care of their children but to also be able to do it full-time.  So here it is, a place for you to write about your life with our Peanut, a place to show that the best part of being a parent (mother or father) is just being able to be there for them, and a place for other men to see the joy that can come from taking care of a baby that has nothing to do with being the one to carry and give birth to them.

Thank you for everything you do for me and for our Peanut.  I love you and hope you enjoy this small symbol of my appreciation.


Happy Father’s Day!


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