It’s Safe To Go Back In The Water…Or Is It?


Welcome back readers,

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. It was my son’s first one and although he didn’t go running around the house, barking at the fireworks like my dog, I cannot say he exactly cared for them either. Let’s just say it was a long night of attempted sleep for my entirkasdjfiosajdfdaosdfsdfqiweokl. Whoops, sorry! Dozed off there. Where was I? Let’s see, Fourth of July…crazy dog…oh right, lack of sleep for my household. But that isn’t what we are talking about today. Actually, I will start taking my baby boy to swimming lessons this upcoming weekend. Now this is a very important step in the development of children, especially ones that live in areas like Florida, where there is water all around. For me, there is another reason why this will be a huge achievement and that reason is simple: I don’t know how to swim.

Yeah you read that right. But how did this happen you might ask? Well, I must say that I come from a lineage of non-swimmers with very little excuse. My parents grew up around water, and so did myself and my brothers. I believe that two of my brothers can at least paddle around. Me? I can’t even float. Luckily for my son, my wife can (and she is pretty decent at swimming). I would give a rock a run for its money in a sinking contest. You know, people would always look at me like I was joking when I said I cannot swim. They assume that living in Florida plus the fact I am in shape equals someone who could be at home in the water. Erroneous mathematics, my friends. Well you might be shouting at your computer screen right now, “Just go learn you dummy!” There is another factor not mentioned before and that is I am terrified to float. That’s right I admitted it and I’m not ashamed! For some reason, there is no way in hell I’m going to lay back and let the water take control and move me along. Can’t figure it out to this day, but my body will not relax enough to be carried by the currents. Everyone who does it looks so peaceful. And you know what? I will continue to live vicariously through them.

So is my son doomed to carry on the legacy of being the next human boulder? Not if I can help it. And my wife and I have already taken him into the pool once before and he seemed to enjoy it (photo below). It might be too late for me, but we wanted to make sure our child doesn’t develop my anxieties of the water from an early age. Even though I will be the one taking him to the majority of the classes, I’ve realized that I need to show him that there is nothing to fear from floating and swimming even if I’m not completely comfortable with those acts. And that is part of being a parent. Doing the things for your kids that will be helpful for their future, even if it isn’t completely agreeable to you. To make sure that you can provide the means for them to have better experiences in life. So, for now my son will not know the lack of comfort I have for swimming but I know it will come up as he gets older. By then, he will be like a fish in water, floating in peace with many others. And I will continue to support him but most likely from the shallow end, with my feet in peace with the bottom of the pool.



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