We Made Our Son Into A Monkey For Halloween. Then The Election Made Monkeys Of The Rest Of Us.

Doesn’t he look thrilled??

Welcome back readers,

Happy belated Halloween to all. I know, it has been nearly two weeks since celebrating the costumed candy-eating frenzy, but it needs to mentioned because it was my son’s first time trick-or-treating. Well it was actually more of mommy and daddy pushing him around in his stroller while WE collected candy, but you get the gist.

Now, as excited as we were for this day, my wife and I did wonder how little man would handle the late-night walk while wearing his adorable monkey costume (see above) which did kind of make him look like an Ewok. In the end, our worries didn’t matter because he never complained once. And he also handled visiting both Grandmas in his get-up, going up to the front doors of unfamiliar houses, and meeting new people while collecting our bounty of treats.

Halloween is not a huge holiday for our household, but it definitely does have a special place for children. And we wanted to make sure our son was able to take part in his first one, even though we will remember it more than him. It was still amazing to watch him enjoy it in his own way, taking it all in with blissful innocence.

With that blissful innocence, my kid went through another first in his young life which my wife and I will remember more than him: the recent election. Now, I usually try to keep this blog pretty lighthearted and speaking on the recent voting results will diverge away from the humor. But it is necessary in this case and it will serve a purpose.

As with most of the country, I was glued to the television this past Tuesday. My highest hope was that most people were like me, awaiting our first woman president. Then the results were in, and it was like America delved into a four-year long Halloween. One where there are no treats and it all felt like one shitty trick. My wife and I shared in a feeling of disbelief, which was followed by a sickening sensation: how could this man, who is basically an overgrown bully, lead this country? Is this the example of a leader we want for our children?

There are many stating that this election has divided America, but you know what? It has been divided even before Trump won. You hope that is not the case, that it has become better and more progressive. But how else can you explain so many people being comfortable with an outward racist and sexist man leading America?

You know, I had hoped my son would be able to grow up in a world where he might not get questioned about his last name because it sounds different. Or that he might not be profiled because of the color of his skin. I have had to deal with those things, and other aspects of racism, especially after September 11th. But I always hoped it would get better. The sad part is I cannot guarantee that for my child as long as Trump is in charge. His presidency will only embolden all the resident bigots to act out, as they can now say, “Hey, Trump acts this way so why can’t I?”And that is scary as hell.

So, what was the purpose of all this? I wanted to get my message out to a few different groups out there:

To those that will say you voted for Trump because you agree with some ideals  but not his bad ones, I say you accept all of the qualities of a candidate when you pick them. So cut the shit and stop kidding yourselves.

To those of you who voted for Trump because you viewed Hillary to be more corrupt, get your damn head examined. You think she is the only politician to hide things? She isn’t and maybe she felt the only way to get to the top in a man-dominated profession was to play the game. You think maybe the real reason you didn’t vote for her is because of her gender?

To those who keep saying we need to accept the result and unite together as a country, I get it. There is nothing we can do to change what happened. Message received. But you  have to STOP telling everyone they need to move past this as quickly as you all apparently did. Human nature doesn’t allow for everyone to heal at the same time and it will take a lot more to unite this nation. So let everyone process this at their own speed, okay?

Lastly, to all of the Hillary supporters, it was a tough loss but we shouldn’t give up. Yes, this outcome will make life harder, especially for us parents. We will have to work extra hard to teach our kids right from wrong just because our future President may make some ridiculous comment at any moment. But first and foremost, we need to take the time to deal with our feelings and heal. So we can ensure our little ones a nurturing environment to develop in and maybe eventually, help change this country for the better.

-Until next time.



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