Happy Birthday Peanut!

Welcome back readers!

My little boy officially turned a year old yesterday! I decided that this entry should be a little different, so to commemorate him being one for an entire twenty-four hours as of 5:48 PM today, I wrote him a poem. One that he hopefully won’t find superfluous when he reads it in the future. So without further delay, Happy Birthday my beautiful little Peanut.

“366 Days Later”

The day has finally come and gone, where you reached a magical age

But you have already brought such magic to my life throughout every stage

So my child, this is for you, and for all your quirks and smiles

It is amazing to see how fast you have grown, in leaps, bounds, and miles


I will always  remember the first time I saw you, on that wonderful day

Trying to get the very best glimpse as I wiped my tears away

Tiny hands, fingers, feet, and toes, with a fragile body as well

Seeing my little one look back at me, oh how my heart did swell


And now fast forward to a year later, and I cannot believe how time flies

You learn so much every day and constantly grow before my eyes

Taking steps, learning new words, discovering wrong from right

Facing all of these challenges while forever staying happy and bright


And as I finish writing this now, Day Two of being a year old is near

There will continue to be trials in your young life, but never have any fear

Because my child, as you grow, there are things you will never be bereft of

As your mother and I will always provide our guidance, compassion, and love

-Until next time.


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