Musings of a Toddler

Welcome back readers!


Well, well…typing on this keyboard is just as fun as I thought it to be! Did I get that introduction correct? Oh wait, you must be confused. This isn’t the usual writer of this blog aka Papa. That’s right, it’s the little guy he is always going on about. I’m filling in for this post because Papa has writer’s block and can’t seem to create anything new. But lucky for him (and all of you), I’ve mastered the artiuoisjdf….damn, sorry! My fingers slipped. Hey, I’m a 14-month old toddler, what do you expect??

Anyhow, I know the big guy wanted to compile an entry about all my recent accomplishments to share with his audience. Well, I guess we can check off “Types 45 words per minute”, eh? Oh, and I guess that also covers “Understands sarcasm”.

All joking aside, I have become quite the expert in animal sounds, from blowing like an elephant to meowing like a cat. And for any animal I’m not sure of, I just roar like a lion (until further research can be done). It seems to work as entertainment for the adults as well. Honestly, half of the crap I do is to amuse these larger people. They are such strange creatures.

Let’s see, what else….oh right! Based upon my readings of previous posts, it seems Papa wrote about my education on sign language. Right now, I’m up to three learned signs: “eat”, “more”, and “milk”. They have come in handy (get it?) for getting my parents’ attention. Oh, I did forget another sign I’ve seen numerous times. It’s one that hasn’t been directly taught to me, but Papa does it ALOT when driving. I can’t master it yet because I don’t have the dexterity to raise just my middle finger. Oh well, practice makes perfect!

I’ve also perfected dancing and I’m going to attach an image as proof. Let me see…


Oh dammit! Wrong picture! How do you delete this??


Ah, there you go! An excellent rendition of the “Sprinkler” if I do say so myself!

And I have started practicing yoga. Let me see if I can get this right the first time…



But my major recent accomplishment (besides learning Microsoft Office) was taking my first steps…


Blast! I did it again!

Okay, here we go…


Aw, aren’t I adorable? (Even if I look like I’m trying to sneak away from the scene of a crime!) I have to say, of all my accomplishments so far, this was my proudest moment. Being able to move around on my own two feet, like a big boy, brings a new perspective to my world. That, and it saves the knees from all that rug burn!

Well, it has been entertaining adding an accord in my own words. I do hope my dad has a case of writer’s block again in the near future, so I can….wait. I think I hear someone coming! Well, I better post this before my REAL talent is discovered!

-Until next time. Hopefully I learn how to delete things by that point!






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