“Not Even Two And Already Terrible”


National Poetry Month

Welcome back readers!

April is National Poetry Month, observed officially since 1996. In honor of this important literary celebration, I thought, “I should create some poems and haikus about the current state of life with my little wrecking ball of a son.” Parenthood, for me, is like poetry in motion; so many moments that can be captured with words and, of course, sarcasm. So, without further delay…


“Dog Is Your Pillow”

Dog is your pillow

But growls when you lay on him

Maybe try a cat?

“Not Even Two And Already Terrible”

You are now talking more and walking faster at sixteen months old,

Another milestone you have reached? You do not do as you are told.

You touch what you shouldn’t and treat redirection with dismissal,

Your little fingers have transformed into seek-and-destroy missiles.

What happened to the little boy who was so calm and forgiving?

This behavior change occurred too soon, an unexpected misgiving.

Your parents were prepared for this shift at the age of two,

You were born over two weeks early so of course this would be too.

Now, there are times I’m reminded of that little boy from the past,

When you are peacefully sleeping and dreaming, which doesn’t last.

Because now you usually will wake up crying and throwing a fit,

Only forty-five minutes after falling asleep??…..SHIT!

“You Love To Swim…When You Feel Like It”

Saturday is here, it’s time to go the pool my little swimmer,

We arrive and you get excited to see the water with its glimmer.

Walking towards the pool, in my arms you bounce and jump,

Going into the shallow end, you become…an unmoving lump.

Your attention is elsewhere, looking at everyone around you paddle,

I now know that on this late morning, it will be a battle.

There’s prodding and urging, trying to get you to splash and kick,

I say sharks will eat your legs if you don’t move; that does the trick.

“Four Teeth”

You now have four teeth

And seemingly eat less food

But smile brighter too

-Until next time.


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