Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome back readers!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women in the world who have taken on the adventure of raising a family. As a parent myself, I know how rewarding it is to watch your little one(s) grow every day. I also know how difficult this journey can be, and whether you have a full-time career or stay at home with your kid(s), I hope all mothers reading this know your efforts should always be appreciated.

And on that note, for this post I wanted to focus on my wife, who is the most amazing woman I know. She works full-time and also always makes time for our son when she is home. It was my idea to write a blog but she was the one who helped me start it almost a year ago with her own Father’s Day post to me. And now, I wanted to show her the same love and appreciation. So the following is for you, my love:

Mother's Day Image

-Until next time.


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. This is so sweet. I’m happy FOR your wife lol. Thank you for being the kind of man who recognizes his wife. We need more like you in this world! (I swear I mean that in a not creepy, not hitting on you kind of way lol)

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    1. Haha no worries. I appreciate that and believe me, I really want more men to be like this as well. It’s sad, because I’ve known men who are very caring and sensitive but because of society, they feel the need to hide it. More men need to portray the empathy they have, but are too afraid to show.


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