It’s A Girl! Or Is It A Boy? Or Maybe A Monkey?

Confused Monkey
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Welcome back readers!

As November slowly approaches, my wife and I are awaiting the arrival of our second child with excitement. Now if you know me or have been following my blog, we never found out the sex of our son until he was born. Some people thought it was a unique idea for today’s society, as many parents don’t wait to find out the gender of their own little peanut. Most individuals, however, didn’t understand. They would ask myself or my wife why we were doing such a thing. I wrote about the journey of dealing with those people and their opinions in this previous post.

So, getting back to this pregnancy, now is as good a time as any to let everyone know that we are doing it once again. As frustrating as it was to deal with SO many people not grasping the reasoning of our decision, we have to stick to what WE believe in: The most important thing is having a child who comes into this world healthy.

But for all who just can’t get over our choice, let me preemptively answer a few questions they might ponder:

“How will you decorate the nursery?”

Same way we did my son’s room; hang some pictures and wall decorations. Mama and Papa aren’t painting a room just so we have to repaint it years later when the kid doesn’t like the color anymore.

“What about your son? Don’t you think he will want to know?”

He’s not even two yet. I don’t think he cares that much. Probably just hoping it’s a monkey. Next question.

“You already have a boy. Don’t you really want a girl?”

Honestly, we would love to have one of each, but will be just as happy with another boy. Oh, and don’t even think if we do have another son, we can try again. Two tiny terrors will be this household’s limit.

Of course, I have no idea if people will bombard us with these questions throughout this pregnancy. Or if we will have nearly as many individuals as confused as the last time. And please understand, I completely respect the decision some parents make in finding out if they are having a boy or girl. It’s just not us.

-So any parents out there who are like us and are keeping (or have kept) the sex of their baby a surprise? What kind of questions/judgements have you dealt with? Or if you are parents who did find out mid-pregnancy, could you deal with not knowing until the birth?

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10 thoughts on “It’s A Girl! Or Is It A Boy? Or Maybe A Monkey?

  1. We chose to find out. The issue we’ve been having is family members not wanting to know. To me this seems somewhat selfish forcing us to have to watch our words when around them. Surely it’s our choice if we tell people or not.
    I wish I had of the willpower not to find out. Learning the sex of your child at the time of birth will surely add to the magic of the experience but alas, my willpower was far too weak!

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  2. Ok. I waited to find out. Ok. I had no choice as it was not an option! However, my husband & I enjoyed picking out two full names. It was fun! We weren’t barraged with a massive amount of fucking pink shit! That in itself is a good fucking reason not to know or at least not to tell others. Unfortunately, having this option now has created more sexism! When I tell people you guys don’t wánt to know the sex, they say, “Why not?” I say, “Because they don’t want all that fucking pink shit! Duh,!” Armand’s loving and French Toma aka Tortuga

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    1. Nothing really beats the surprise of finding out the day they are born. That’s great you both had an easy time prepping since it’s can be a stressful time in life. And it seems those questions can be never-ending huh?


  3. For our second we couldn’t find out at the 20 week scan because our daughter was in a funny position, and there was an initial disappointment (because we wanted to know) but then we thought, well we’re not going to do anything different for not knowing.

    But then my wife had another scan at 28 weeks in a kinda knee jerk “well we wanted to know 8 weeks ago so I’ll say yes” moment she said she wanted to know and I think in the end we would have preferred not to know… makes things more exciting that way.

    We do have friends who have found out for all three kids and don’t tell anyone else because they like to be prepared, but like to surprise everyone still. So many different options, I think you just need to pick whichever one works for you as a couple… and stuff everyone else 😉

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  4. This post brought back great memories! I also decided to wait until my two sons were born until I found out… one person said to me “how will you cope!?”

    As long as that child is healthy and receives love, that’s all any parent needs to concern themselves with and I’m pretty sure the newborn child isn’t as preoccupied with knowing the sex as adults are…great post!

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    1. Thank you. I know it’s so crazy how some people (especially family) can’t seem to understand so they try to project that upon eventual parents.

      And yeah, they really don’t care what they are as long as Mama and Papa are there for them 🙂

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