Operation: Saving Mealtime

Welcome back readers!

I didn’t think I would be saying the phrase, “my child has become a picky eater” this soon. What the hell happened? He was so enthralled with food once my wife and I moved him onto solids when he turned six months old. He would be willing to try EVERYTHING we shoved in front of him. Okay, he didn’t like all food but did at least try them.

These days? I feel like one day, my wife will come home and find me turned to stone while I waited for my son to finish eating. Something like this:


Image courtesy of: https://pixabay.com/en/the-thinker-august-rodin-1881-1882-1144887/


(On the bright side, at least I would FINALLY have that rock-hard physique.)

There are only two times during any given day when my child doesn’t provide much resistance (if at all) when it comes to eating:

(1.) Breakfast, probably because he’s half-asleep and doesn’t realize he could be a pain in my ass.

(2.) His morning snack, as long as it’s a banana. (The kid loves those things as you all found out in his last guest post.)

I honestly thought I would have some time to prepare for the daily struggle of fussiness. So my strategies to alleviate this problem have been trial and error. Some may work for a while others may have to be changed by the next meal. For example:

*Mix The Good With The “Bad”:

There are certain foods my son could eat endlessly (peas, carrots, and potatoes are a few). Then, there are the times he gives me the “what the hell is this shit?” look. So, I figure why not mix the good with the “bad?” You don’t like those lentils and rice? How about with some peas?


Image courtesy of: https://pixabay.com/en/textures-background-fresh-peas-1938301/


*Try To Eat At Least Half:

My little pain-in-the-ass may not like a lot of things right now, but nutrition is still important. My wife and I try to get him to eat at least half of his meal. At times, it takes a lot of trickery to get that half of food ingested.

*Have A Back-Up:

And if all else fails, we always have a back-up meal. Hey, at the end of the day he’s still a child who doesn’t fully understand that he’s being a jerk. So, we try not to stoop to his level.

-So those are just some of the ideas we have tried with our son. Any other parents out there who may have tried these methods? Do you have any of your own you want to share? Or have you said, “Fuck it, I give up?” Please feel free to comment below!




11 thoughts on “Operation: Saving Mealtime

  1. Tomatoes is a good one for us. Son used to hate them but we just out them on his plate anyways. No pressure just there and then one day he just ate them and now he loves them.

    Can still be a battle sometimes. My favourite line is “that’s fine. I’ll just eat yours when i’m done with mine” *sinister grin* usually works. Taps into his competitive nature, and turns dinner into a kinda game 😉 what works for one doesn’t work for all though. So good luck figuring things out.

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  2. This has gone either way for my children and I. My daughter is a very picky eater and my son will eat everything you give him. I have to try different methods to get, aka trick, my daughter into eating new stuff.

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  3. Honestly I have never insisted they eat anything! What’s on offer is on offer, I always make sure each meal includes something they like but if they aren’t feeling hungry I don’t want them to learn how to override their appetite and over eat! I suppose it helps that we are still breastfeeding, so I know they will get what they need. I figure they won’t let themselves go hungry. I usually say ‘you don’t have to eat anything if you are full, listen to your body’.

    With regards to getting fussier, my twins are certainly more wary of certain foods lately – even foods that they used to love, like sausages! But I find if I casually eat some of the same type of food while they are watching but don’t make a big deal out of it, they will immediately want to eat it – for the duration of that new at least! And that’s good enough for me!

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    1. That is good that you are trying to get them more in tuned with their body. It is true that they will not let themselves go hungry.

      My son is the same way as he will ALWAYS eat what I have on my plate, even if it’s something he wouldn’t eat on his own. Trickery at it’s finest!


      1. Well I don’t think of it as tricking them – just modelling healthy eating so they can see that the food is safe! It’s also flattering that they want to be just like their parents 🙂 Glad it’s working out for you

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