My 10 Favorite Facebook Posts On Parenting: June 2017

Welcome back readers!

When I created a blog post earlier this month showing my favorite Facebook parenting memes for the month of May, it became more popular than I thought it would. I figured why not continue to make a monthly post celebrating ten of the hilarious parents whose memes I found over the past month? So without further delay, enjoy!

I think they recalled the models with those instructions…

(Via Mommy Cusses)

Parenting Post 11


“Put down the toilet paper and come out with your hands up!”

(Via The Mother Octopus)

Parenting Post 19


Ain’t that the truth.

(Via No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog)

Parenting Post 14


Hopefully a tantrum is all they throw!

(Via Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine?)

Parenting Post 12


Damn nature, you scary!!

(Via Bottlerocket)

Parenting Post 15


I’ll take it shaken or stirred. I don’t give a damn.

(Via Papa Does Preach)

Parenting Post 16


Decisions, decisions…

(Via Dad and Buried)

Parenting Post 18


Actually, you better run out of my house with that bullshit.

(Via My Questionable Life)

Parenting Post 17


That’s some REAL love right there.

(Via Funny Is Family)

Parenting Post 13


And of course, one of my own.

Parenting Post 20


-Please visit the Facebook pages of these funny parents (via the links on each meme) and show them some support. And as always, you can visit my page via the “My Facebook Page” menu tab up top and share any memes with family and friends!














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