My 10 Favorite Facebook Posts On Parenting: July 2017

Welcome back readers!


It’s time again for my monthly post celebrating my favorite Facebook memes from some hilarious parents. And yes, I do include one of own memes. (I know, I’m such a narcissist.) If you haven’t read my previous funny meme entries, here is a refresher for June and May. Now that you’ve had your humorous appetizer, here is the hysterical main course. Enjoy!

I wish upon every shooting star…to fall right on me. 

Parenting Post 21


I’m counting down.                                                                                           

Via The Mother Octopus

Parenting Post 22


(Sigh) Oh all right.                                                                   

Via Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine?

Parenting Post 24


A little over 18 years til my independence. Maybe.   

Via Papa Does Preach

Parenting Post 23


That will be an ominous day.

Via HowToBeADad

Parenting Post 25


Some kids just never grow up.

Via Bottlerocket

Parenting Post 26


Hey, Caillou. Fuck you.

Via Ponies and Martinis

Parenting Post 27


Didn’t see that coming…

Via Dad and Buried

Parenting Post 28


Heads, shoulders, knees, toes…..any fucking body part you can use.

Via Mommy Cusses

Parenting Post 29


Mine would look like a mummy.

Via Mommy Owl by Lauren Lodder

Parenting Post 30


-Please visit the Facebook pages of these funny parents (via the links on each meme) and show them some support. And as always, you can visit my page via the “My Facebook Page” menu tab up top and share any memes with family and friends!



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